During the current crisis, a Larnaca taxi may still be called upon to provide Cyprus taxi transfers for particular passengers as well delivering essential items. Since 19th March, Cyprus bus schedules have been cancelled until further notice, including airport express services. Two days later, the government announced that the only people allowed to enter Cyprus are its own citizens and legal residents, EU nationals, third country nationals working or studying in the Republic, and diplomats.

Further measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 were introduced by the government on 30th March. Until at least 13th April, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and similar stores will be closed on Sundays, although deliveries can continue. In Cyprus, as across the world, communities and groups have come together, online and in the real world, to help provide support and deliver essential supplies.

Larnaca taxi a reliable and indispensable courier

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, a Larnaca taxi would regularly be used by both business and private citizen as a reliable courier. “Call a taxi” is invariably the first thing that comes to mind when almost any type of urgent delivery is needed, whether for business or personal. During the current emergency, Cyprus taxi transfers become indispensable delivery drivers.

Under normal circumstances, typical express deliveries for business would include conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, meetings and presentations. Sometimes a vital piece of equipment, such as a mobile, laptop or simply an item of luggage may be left behind! When there’s a sudden panic because someone or something is not where it should be, a taxi can be relied upon, day or night. In the present crisis, emergency deliveries relating to individual health, safety and wellbeing will increasingly be an urgent priority.

Cyprus taxi transfers a vital lifeline for the local community

In Cyprus, a reliable taxi transfers firm can be a vital lifeline for the local community too. During normal times, an invaluable service is provided for picking up customers who have completed their regular supermarket shop. Or senior citizens attending a doctor’s appointment, which may be at some distance from their home. Now, private individuals unable to leave their homes may need essential items to be collected, whether food, medicine or perhaps delivered to a family member living in a different district.

The government has stated that the present restrictions will be in place until at least 13th April. By the last day of March, of the 31 EU/EEA countries (plus UK), Cyprus has reported 230 confirmed Covid-19 cases, the third lowest number. No one can precisely predict when emergency measure will be lifted, and daily monitoring of the outbreak and its spread, will inform how the government proceeds with restrictions during April and beyond. Perhaps, we might be one of the first EU countries to see normality start to return to Cyprus as we head into the summer months.

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