Basic tips before booking a Larnaca airport taxi or a Cyprus taxi transfers from Paphos always includes checking the website for in-depth FAQs and customer reviews – as well as those prices! Tariffs between primary island destinations tend to be competitively close anyway. So, which firms can you trust? What service extras are offered that clearly show real customer experience and knowledge?

Finding a quality, reliable taxi service means it’s essential to prevent unnecessary grief at the start of your holiday or business trip. But there are an estimated 2,000 vehicles operating as private cabs and so-called ‘taxis’ on the roads of Cyprus. Despite the number of official taxi licenses issued by the Cyprus Licensing Authority being limited and strictly controlled, concern has continued to grow over the number of drivers without a professional licence who illegally carry fare-paying passengers.

Reputable Larnaca taxi service offers a discount if a return is booked at the same time

Never rely on just jumping into a cab outside the airport! It’s always recommended to book your Paphos or Larnaca airport taxi well in advance of travelling – and online! In many cases, online fares can be cheaper than those charged at the roadside. A reputable Larnaca taxi service, such as iTaxi Cyprus, will also offer a discount if a return trip is booked at the same time.

But don’t book the first cheap fare you see advertised. Check through the website first. How much real information and insight about their services, history and knowledge is being given or is it mostly a few short lines of standard word filler and self promotion found on similar sites? Remember, you’re looking for reassuring signs of credibility, trustworthiness and genuine reputation.

It’s for that reason that many people head first to Trip Advisor for their overall ratings and most importantly, to see what previous passengers have to say about their experience of a particular taxi transfers service. The more reviews the better, and it’s probably best to be suspicious of those seemingly, over the top, negative posts! Generally, scanning though the feedback should give an overall indication to the key important factors such as convenience,

punctuality, safety, helpfulness, experience and real knowledge.

Cyprus taxi transfers service also offers a detailed break-down of their many Day Trips

How clear, easy and user-friendly is the entire booking and payment process? Are email confirmations / mobile texts sent throughout? Time spent going through the FAQs should provide all the answers you might ask! It’s also a clear indication of experience, knowledge, organisation and efficiency. Other site pages to check ae the “About Us” which should offer insight into the company history and background. A Cyprus taxi transfers service which also offers a detailed break-down of their many Day Trips and sightseeing excursions to island beauty spots, and places of historical and cultural interest is also another encouraging sign!

A number of the long-standing, often family-owned and reputable firms, will operate 24/7 and their Intercity licenses allowing them to transport passengers to any island destination. Drivers will be formally examined and certificated by the Licensing authorities, and are smartly attired when collecting passengers at the airport Arrivals gate (with passenger name signs clearly displayed).

Any special requirements when booking a Larnaca airport taxi should be present and correct

Genuine quality is attention to detail. All and any special requirements discussed at the time of booking a Larnaca airport taxi should be present and correct. This could mean the vehicle is enabled to carry a wheelchair passenger or the mandatory baby or infant booster seats for specific age groups are securely fitted. Any unusual sized items of luggage can also be easily stowed

Respectful and courteous, the driver – who often understands and speaks English, Russian or another selected language – quickly and smoothly loads all luggage items into a smart, clean and gleaming prestige Mercedes, and ensures everyone on board is comfortable and in good spirits. There is often complimentary Cyprus maps and bottles of water, especially at the height of summer!

Genuine quality is attention to detail!
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