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Fast modern motorway and timeless Cyprus scenery

Larnaca Taxi Transfers – Perfect Mix of Fast Modern Motorway and Timeless Island Scenery

Drivers of Cyprus taxi transfers can be amused to sometimes overhear first time visitors express their surprise at the sight of the modern motorways and roads! Perhaps they imagine that their Larnaca taxi would be driving the 47 kms to say, Nicosia along a bumpy, dusty dirt track unchanged for centuries?


Did you know... the first ever moving vehicle imported into Cyprus was a steam engine in 1892, which was used for driving its owner from Larnaca to Nicosia!


In reality, of course, since the arrival of the first motor cars on the island in 1907, Cyprus has developed a modern road network, alongside the preservation of a cultural heritage of more than two thousand years.

Excellent connections to the many villages and towns

At the start of the millennium, nearly half the road network was surfaced and well-maintained. An 88 per cent increase in the network over the last 20 years means excellent connections to the many villages and towns across the island.

Although the first motorway in Cyprus - the A1 from Nicosia to Limassol - was completed as recently as October 1985, the country already had the most motorway km per capita among all its European Union members. It should also be mentioned that having once been part of the British Empire, Cyprus adopted and retained the UK system of driving on the left!

Rarely a traffic jam to hold up the vehicle flow

There are other noteworthy differences, which make Cyprus stand out from some of its European neighbours. Despite all roads being toll-free there is comparatively little traffic on the main highways! One past survey estimated that there were more than 801,000 registered vehicles in the island, of which nearly 2,000 were taxis.

Nevertheless, while the roads can get busy at the Limassol and Nicosia intersections around rush-hour, there is rarely a traffic jam to hold up the vehicle flow. So good news for business visitors on tight schedules!

Modern network criss-crossing the island

There are now 22 major highways - as they are referred to by local inhabitants – along with a modern network of ring roads and beltways criss-crossing the island, including big four lane motorways which connect the key towns of Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Paphos:

  • A2 Nicosia – Larnaca
  • A3 Larnaca Airport – Ayia Napa
  • A5 Larnaca – Limassol
  • A6 Limassol – Paphos
  • A7 Paphos – Polis
  • A8 Limassol – Saittas
  • A9 Nicosia – Astromeritis
  • A22 Nicosia 3rd Ring road

Today’s modern drive from Larnaca airport to any destination on Cyprus is as light and effortless as the eternal calm of the Mediterranean air itself. Passengers can simply sit back and relax as the island scenery starts to weave its ancient island magic.

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