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Cyprus Taxi Transfers in November Warm Skies Clear Roads and No Crowds For Perfect Sightseeing

Cyprus Taxi Transfers in November: Warm Skies, Clear Roads and No Crowds For Perfect Sightseeing!

Cyprus always draws a certain type of traveller during the off-peak season. One who seeks to enjoy a mini-break long after the bustling tourist crowds of summer have departed - and before some return for the Christmas and New Year break.

During November, Cyprus taxi transfers are often booked to not only collect passengers from the main airports but also to drive to the islands’ key beauty spots and historical / cultural sites. CLICK HERE to check out the many day trips offered by iTaxi Cyprus

Perfect time to visit your chosen destinations

There are many advantages to visiting Cyprus at this time of the year. Apart from the off-peak air fares and hotel prices, a Cyprus sun never really stops shining 8-9 hours a day and warming the island air to a most pleasant 20C.

Compared to the half a million plus people that now flock to Cyprus each month during the high summer, November tends to bring around 158,000 visitors.

So, it’s absolutely a relaxed, leisurely time of the year to more peacefully enjoy the local bars and restaurants. No queues for a table or staff overstretched. It’s also a perfect time to visit your chosen destinations. You will have all the time you need to compose those all-important photos without endless numbers of people blocking the view whether at a museum, church, archaeological site, mountain village, vineyard or coastal beach resort. You may also be unable to resist taking a dip in the clear Mediterranean waters where it is still a mild and gentle 23C!

Book the right taxi service for travelling around the island

There’s more... you and your driver will have the roads almost to yourselves, which means sightseeing trips will take much less time. It’s important however to ensure that you do book the right taxi service for travelling around the island. Why? There are three different types of taxi services, each restricted by their license to where they can operate.

An Intracity taxi is only allowed to offer their hire service and operate within the town and district area specified on their licence. A Rural taxi can only operate outside the borders of an urban traffic area and may not pick up passengers from airports or seaports, unless they have express, written instructions to meet and collect specific customers upon arrival. Larger villages operate their own rural taxis, which can only be hired within the villages.

However, an intercity taxi is able to provide transport between all major towns and districts, including, Larnaca, Lefkosia, Limassol, Paphos, Famagusta, Aya Napa, etc.

Holiday break in November?
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