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Extra Luggage for Christmas Holidays Larnaca Airport Taxi Has All The Space  You Need

Extra Luggage for Christmas Holidays? Larnaca Airport Taxi Has All The Space You Need!

As soon as December arrives, it’s only a few weeks left until Christmas. Shortly, the first of the festive holidaymakers start to stream through Paphos or Larnaca airport with their children and often other family members in tow. Many will be bringing along extra luggage to see them through until the New Year. As ever, Cyprus taxi transfers are ready and prepared to quickly meet their pre-booked passengers, and ensure everyone is comfortably on board. And that includes all luggage, correctly and safely stowed too.

Pre-booking a Larnaca airport taxi online is always the best way to ensure a smooth and hassle-free onward journey to the hotel or another final destination. Especially during the busiest visitor months of the year. Spending Christmas and New Year in Cyprus has continued to grow in popularity. In December 2018, more than 106,500 people came to Cyprus compared to 98,900 in December 2017 and 66,200 in December 2009 – a rise of 61 per cent over nearly a decade (CYSTAT). Cyprus could once again see a record number of visitors arrive by this Christmas Eve.

The struggle to find a taxi outside the terminal

The Christmas getaway can still be hectic even if all arrangements have been carefully planned and put into place well in advance. Many people tend to be travelling at the same time. Planes are flying at full capacity, and airports can get very crowded indeed. A personal item such as, a small bag, a present, purse, glove or scarf can all be mislaid while attention is focused at baggage reclaim. Then the struggle to find a taxi outside the terminal. You need to keep everyone close together and keep hold of all your luggage even though there may be scarce pavement space.

Dropping and damaging items can all too easily happen when you’re hemmed in among a bustling crowd. Perhaps a suitcase wheel can suddenly get caught on the curb and even shear right off. Sometimes the lid flies open and clothes spill onto the floor! Your children start crying. It’s a terrible start to your holidays - and it can all be simply avoided when you advance book online your Larnaka taxi service.

Everyone’s personal belongings carefully loaded and unloaded

Your friendly, reliable driver will be waiting to pick you up by standing right in front of the Arrivals Gate. Your name will be on his signboard and you, your family, and every item of luggage are soon whisked quickly away from potential nightmare and stress. Importantly, everyone’s personal belongings are carefully loaded and unloaded, and your driver will also check to ensure there are no mobile phones, wallets, jackets or handbags left behind on the back seats or fallen on to the floor.

And if you’re bringing any unusual sized items or a family member is traveling with a wheelchair, by booking in advance you can ensure the right type and capacity taxi vehicle will be made available. Baby, Infant or Booster seats by specific age can also be requested at no extra charge.

Everyone comfortably on board - all luggage safely stowed!
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